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Clergy E-Notes

Our Clergy E-Notes contain pro life reflections on upcoming readings and pro-life intercessions. Published both weekly on our Facebook page and e-mailed monthly to supporters and parishes across Canada. You can also click here to view a specific date.

Just For Life Weekend!

Host a “JUST FOR LIFE” Information Weekend IN YOUR PARISH!
It’s fun, it’s informative, it’s Pro-life,
And It’s FREE!!!

It’s the easiest way to get the pro-life message to your fellow parishioners and support the pro-life efforts of Priests For Life Canada in spreading the “Sanctity of Life” message throughout Canada. We provide the material, you do the basic promotion.

A parish “Just for Life” weekend has five main purposes:

  1. To promote the pro-life message in your parish.

  2. To attract new people to the pro-life movement.

  3. To encourage your pastor to speak on pro-life issues.

  4. To have fun spreading the pro-life message.

  5. To encourage parishioners to become FREE complimentary members of PFLC for one year.

Click here for more information and to sign up for your parish.

Please note that Priests For Life Canada does require the permission of your pastor to provide this program. Please allow for 4-6 weeks before the planned weekend in order for the materials to be put together and shipped.

Prayer Cards

Request your 10 FREE copies of the Priests For Life Canada “Prayer to End Abortion” prayer card / bookmark. Additional copies are available at 10 cents each (postage included).

Suggested Uses:

  • Use the card as often as you can to pray to end abortion.

  • Include a copy with every greeting card you send… (plan now for Christmas mailings!)

  • Include a copy when you mail-in payments for bills (i.e. telephone, hydro, etc.).

  • Give a copy to your friends.

  • Give a copy to your prayer partners.

  • Hand out copies at your church (with Pastor’s permission).

  • Use the card as a bookmark in all your books.

  • Leave a copy in your books when you pass them on.

Pro-Life Canada Index

This Index is intended to provide a network link to Canadian Pro-life Groups and Resources. Please click here to access this free index

Real Estate For Life

Buying or selling a home or commercial property? You can financially support Priests For Life Canada at no cost to you by taking advantage of the Real Estate For Life Program!

What Can Your Parish Do?

There are a number of things that every parish can do to begin building the culture of life immediately:

  • Include abortion and the life issues in the Prayers of the Faithful and in daily Mass Intentions.

  • Pray for local abortion clinics/hospitals by name. Pray also for the abortion staff and doctors.

  • Visit the websites of local abortion clinics. This makes very concrete the reality of what happens there.

  • Find your local pregnancy care centre – offer to fundraise or volunteer for them.

  • Support the lay men and women who have given their lives full-time to working for the cause of life. Many of these workers are volunteers or poorly paid and they need the support of their clergy.

  • Get on the mailing list of your local pro-life group or national groups such as Campaign Life Coalition or the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

  • Plan homilies and talks that teach about the absolute dignity of the human person and the mystery and wonder of human life. Such homilies will form a foundation for homilies specifically on abortion and the other life issues.

  • Place pro-life brochures or other materials at the back of the church. These could include newsletters from local pro-life educational groups or booklets such as the “Right to Know” resource produced by the National Campus Life Network. Your local pro-life educational group may also be able to provide you with brochures.

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