Priests For Life Canada

Additional Resources

 For general information on pro-life issues please visit the following sites:

Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute

Their “Bioethics Matters” and “Bioethics Update” newsletters offer commentary on current issues in Bioethics. Both are available by e-mail. They also offer public lectures and educational seminars – usually in the Toronto area.

Catholic Canada

An excellent resource for Catholic information in Canada.

Catholic Education Resource Center

An excellent storehouse of articles on all matters of faith and culture, including sections on euthanasia, abortion and sexuality.

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF)

As a co-ministry of the Canadian Bishops and the Knights of Columbus, COLF offers well-designed, parish-friendly resources on marriage and bioethical issues.

Family Life – Respect Life Office – Archdiocese of NY

Run by the Sisters of Life, it has a Respect Life section containing links and resources.

Another storehouse of more in-depth articles on Bioethics issues. The site includes sample homilies as well:

The Life Principles

The “Life Principles” is a remarkable approach to presenting a comprehensive pro-life viewpoint. It explores the unique nature and dignity of human beings by identifying four different ways in which persons can view meaning and purpose in life.

National Catholic Bioethics Center

A number of resources are available from the Center:

Ethics and Medics newsletter. Ethics and Medics provides analysis and commentary on matters of current interest in health care, medicine, and law in order to help priests and religious, health professionals, students, and lay Catholics understand and appreciate the moral teaching of the Church regarding life and health. You can subscribe to a print version for a fee, or you may access and print the newsletter free of charge each month:
Bioethics FAQ Section:
They also feature an excellent book selection.

Vivere Publications Vivere

Vivere Publications is a Canadian non-profit organization that publishes, in English and in French, pamphlets, booklets, books, posters and other documents for educating about love and respect for all human life, from the moment of conception to natural death, whether one be handicapped, sick, elderly or not yet born. Their approach is positive, scientific, objective and non-judgemental. Individuals and organizations are welcome to download and copy, free of charge, all publications.

Priests for Life USA

See especially their resource section for clergy and the section “What Priests Can Do to Stop Abortion.”

USCCB Pro-Life Office

Comprehensive treatment of specific pro-life issues. Resource materials include Church Documents, Fact Sheets, articles, publications, and prayers for pro-life services.